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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why is Delco's computer system so bad?

A few months ago the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an article about the top government salaries in the five-county region. It was interesting for many reasons, one being that the astute observer would notice that Delaware County is the only county out of the five -- Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester and Montgomery -- that does not have an IT Director.

Instead, we have a political boss who is the head of "Data Processing," an antiquated term that shows that the County hasn't progressed since the 1980's when we had punch cards and literally had to process the data. What we need is a head of Information Technology, a term that shows the breadth of computer capabilities. As long as Delaware County continues to staff important jobs like this with know-nothing politicians, we will never move out of the 1980's. Step aside, John, and let this County enter the 21st century!

If you want to check for yourself to see how backward we are, and what happens when you have politicians gobbling up huge salaries to hold key positions that they aren't qualified to fill, compare the websites. Then try to do a search for some useful information. You'll see just how bad things are in Delaware County.

This isn't just a nuisance, either, and a good computer system isn't a luxury. Computers make government more efficient, and less expensive, and more responsive to its constituents.

When businesses think about locating in Delaware County, what impression are they given? Don't we look like backward fools? When people think about moving here, what does our website tell them about us?

We need to put computers to work for the good of the Delco taxpayer, not as a front for more patronage hires.

Now compare our website to some of the others. Aren't you embarrassed? What does this say about our so-called leadership?



At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a shame that the county website has not been updated. When it first rolled out it was cutting edge.The chap who maintained it left and the site has been going downhill for the last 7 years


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