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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Attracting business to Delaware County

Just how weak is the Delaware County Commerce Center, the County's official economic development agency? Pretty weak, if its website is any indication.


The list of availabile sites hasn't been updated since October 2004, and the rest of the information available is poorly laid out and generally useless or easily found elsewhere.

All the information provided on "new" development also appears to be very old, although it's undated so it's hard to say for sure:

Kohl's, a value oriented department store chain, opened three new stores in Delaware County last spring.

Didn't that happen years ago?

Compare our site to the economic development efforts of other counties:





Notice also that the Commerce Center is located right smack in the Courthouse, and you have to wonder if this isn't just another farce.

Next time you see someone in the Courthouse cafeteria from the Commerce Center, ask them: just what do you folks do, anyway???


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