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Monday, November 28, 2005

The View from Maine

There are two sides to every story, and this person has posted this comment; another side to the Beatty Chadwick saga. (Interesting, too, that this blog has reached Maine!)

Why didn't the Media, PA court take testimony from this witness re: the truthfulness of Mrs. Chadwick, Judge Battle we can understand cause he's 2 yards under but before Beatty joins him why don't you Judge Clouse, either take off the blindfold or put it back on and try the case===> here's just the first of Mrs. Chadwick's bad-character witnesses, read & weep for what you've done to an innocent man: Oh...we know all about what Mr.Chadwick is going through. How we know? We live next door to his ex-wife Barbara Chadwick. My husband and I have lived in the town of Thomaston for twenty-four years and Barbara Chadwick/aka Applegate had all kinds of suits against us(FALSE ALLIGATIONS) She and her new hubby thought they could come into a small town and brag about their wealth, dig for more money and rule us. Well, what they didn't know is that we are a tight knit little town and she thinks she can fool us like she is with the PA Judge. Our Lawyer saw right through her just as many in our town. The Judge on Chadwick/Applegate vs. Chadwick is so wrapped tight around Barbara's finger that it shows how weak the Judicial system can be. People think Mainers are backwards and stupid...Oh Ms.Applegate now knows she can't move our mountains. She sure plays quite a tune with Pennsylvania that must be a real stupid place to live! If they can't see through her negative ways and check on her legal history of taken people to Court...Wow! POOR Mr.Chadwick is stuck in the spiders web! We hope and pray for Mr.Chadwicks release. It is such a terrible thing to think that any sane decent human being can think that she/he can have so much power over someone to keep them squirming like a worm on a hook...it must be a personal thing with the individuals who have consumed such false power.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Franny Ward said...

I found out that she wrote a book. Not really relavant to your post, but interesting just the same.

Link Here


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