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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Fix? Fred Moran, George Twardy and the registered sex offender

Readers in Havertown sent us a link to their blog with the following story.

Notes for people who don't know Havertown politics:

District Justice Lisa Lacianca is Judge Kenneth Clouse's "stepdaughter" because she is the daughter of Lynn Cohen-Clouse.

Fred Moran is Clouse's longtime friend as well as Commissioner for Havertown's Fourth Ward and Vice-Chairman of the Havertown Republican Party.

George Twardy is Clouse's friend too as well as Commissioner for Havertown's Sixth Ward and Chairman of the Havertown Republican Party.

The Clouses, Morans, and Twardy's are all longtime friends.

So you decide: does it look like a "fix" was attempted?
  • MG is a registered sex offender who lives in the Fourth Ward of Haverford Township. MG is on the Megan's Law website.
  • MG was arrested in Chester County in 2003 and pled guilty to statutory rape, involuntary deviate sexual assault, and similar charges arising from his sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl he met in a chat room. At the time, MG was 21 years old.
  • MG was sentenced to ten years probation, with one year on house arrest, and to sex offender treatment.
  • In the Chester County proceedings, MG was represented by an attorney named Robert Donatoni.
  • In August 2005 MG, by this time age 23, was arrested by Haverford Township police on two charges of harassment. The allegations were that he obtained the phone numbers of young teenage girls from the computer at his place of employment, a retail store, and then called the girls to try to arrange to meet them.
  • MG was taken to the Chester County Prison because he was in violation of his parole.
  • A preliminary hearing was scheduled for August 11, 2005, before Judge Lisa Lacianca.
  • At the preliminary hearing, MG was represented by Michael McDermott, who has practiced law with George Twardy for about twenty years. Note: MG was not represented by Donatoni this time!
  • MG is the son of SG, who is a business partner and neighbor of Joseph L. DiTomo, Jr., who has also practiced law with George Twardy for about twenty years.
  • Twardy, McDermott, and DiTomo all practice law from 1026 Winter Street, a building that Twardy owns in the Chinatown section of Philadelphia. Note: McDermott is not even a Delco lawyer!
  • Because MG was in prison, the District Attorney wanted the preliminary hearing continued to a later date. The District Attorney also planned to reassign the case to Michael Galantino, head of the Special Victims Unit. Note: the DA must be taking this case seriously!
  • Fred Moran was at the hearing, and allegedly announced in the presence of several listeners, "I am here to be a character witness for this young man." Note: does Moran even know the man?
  • It is not possible to give character testimony at preliminary hearings.
  • At the September Commissioners' meeting, when asked about why he would offer character testimony for a registered sex offender just a few days after he had directed the Codes Enforcement Officer to draft an ordinance restricting where registered sex offenders can live, Fred Moran denied that this had happened.
  • Instead, Fred Moran said the question was "politically motivated" and that he had merely been in Lisa Lacianca's courtroom that day to go out to lunch.
  • Fred Moran works in Media, about a 20 minute drive to Lisa Lacianca's courtroom. Note: kind of a long drive to have lunch with someone you see almost everyday anyway, isn't it Fred? Or were you not in Media that day? Some folks around here say you rarely are!
  • Fred Moran was Lisa Lacianca's campaign treasurer.
  • George Twardy was Lisa Lacianca's campaign manager.
  • So now, draw your own inferences about what role, if any, George Twardy and Fred Moran played -- or attempted to play -- in this matter. Note: We don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure this one out.


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I am going to call NASA--cause I have certainly figured this one out!

At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Haverford twp, they are all crooks. I wouldnt live in that white ghetto for anything. This is what people over here get because they are stupid, and they all know it in the township. Go in there one day and look at the people that work there........you'll get the idea. they all look like crash victims.


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