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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Unsung Heroes: Gerald Montella

Readers of this blog might think that we have nothing positive to say about Delaware County government. Therefore we are posting this, the first in an occasional series of tributes to the "unsung heroes" of Delaware County, the people who make things work. These are the people who do the real work, while the politicians occupy the high-paying jobs with big-shot titles.

First up is Gerald Montella, Court Administrator. Gerry manages a critically important department, and does it with grace and charm. Gerry is now President of the Delaware County Bar Association, and is associated with the law firm of Dilworth Paxson LLP. Not a political hack, but still politically active, along with his recently-retired cousin Josephine Laird of the Election Board, Gerry represents the best tradition of public service in Delaware County.


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