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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Governor Rendell Brings Home the Bacon!

We know, we know . . . we haven't posted in a long time. Well, there was Christmas, New Year's, all that fun stuff, and we've been busy! And it's not easy keeping up a blog. We didn't want this to be one of those blogs where people post any random thought that pops into their heads. We want it to be uniquely Delco, a source of information. And it's not easy to gather that information, what with everyone in panic mode all the time, afraid they'll be suspected of talking to the wrong people. But we're back now, and we'll try to keep this interesting. Here's something we spied recently that we don't expect the Delaware County Republican Party will be telling you about any time soon:

HARRISBURG — Governor Edward G. Rendell today announced a $636,000 investment to help Alloy Surfaces Co. create and retain at least 650 jobs at a new facility and an expanded operation in Delaware County.

“We make investments to help create new opportunities for our working men and women and their families,” Governor Rendell said. “At the same time, our resources help businesses grow and expand while helping to revitalize our communities.”

“This is good news for the whole region as Pennsylvania continues to successfully compete for new jobs projects and new investment. The decision by Alloy Surfaces to grow and invest in Pennsylvania is a tribute to our skilled and dedicated workforce and the climate we have created to support manufacturing firms.”

“It is clear to businesses that Pennsylvania has the right initiatives in place to help them grow and prosper,” the Governor said. “Through evolving partnerships with the private sector, we have helped to create jobs throughout the commonwealth,” Governor Rendell added. “The results are clear as we now have a record number of jobs in the commonwealth. But more remains to be done.”

ASC will manufacture special material decoys at its new production facility, located at 25 Commerce Drive. The company will also expand its existing 47,000-square-foot Boothwyn facility by 17,800 square feet. The total cost of this project will be $12 million.

The Governor’s Action Team is comprised of economic-development professionals who report directly to Governor Rendell. The Department of Community and Economic Development and GAT offered ASC a funding package that includes a $200,000 Opportunity Grant, $50,000 in Job Training Assistance and $386,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits. As part of the GAT offer, the company also received a $3,375,000 loan through the Citizens Bank Job Bank program.

The Governor’s Action Team serves as a single point of contact for businesses that are evaluating Pennsylvania as a site for a facility location or expansion. GAT works with domestic and international businesses, as well as professional site consultants, on projects involving significant investment and job creation opportunities.

During 2005, GAT successfully completed 206 projects that resulted in commitments for 20,257 new jobs and the retention of 40,556 existing jobs. The commonwealth provided more than $421 million in assistance for these projects, leveraging more than $1.9 billion in additional funds.

A subsidiary of Chemring Group PLC, ASC is the world’s only manufacturer of Covert Multi-Spectral Special Material Decoys. The company’s decoys are on the leading edge of IR countermeasure technology and are currently being used to protect a wide variety of U.S. and allied military aircraft.

For information on the Governor’s Action Team and other DCED funding, visit http://www.newpa.com/ or call 1-866-GONEWPA (1-866-466-3972).

To learn more about Alloy Surfaces Co., visit http://www.alloysurfaces.com/.


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